TW: The following content contains reference to rape and sexual assault.

Lady Gaga’s newest single is both a surprising and predictable move for the internationally-acclaimed star. Though strikingly different than her extravagant performances in strange costumes, this beautiful, deeply emotional PSA for sexual assault on college campuses reminds us of the social justice-focused Lady Gaga, the Lady Gaga who does not shy away from tough topics. The video, as well as the music, is heartbreaking and compelling. Lady Gaga’s powerful voice creates a sense of support and strength despite the lives falling apart in the video. The end of the video directly calls for action, stating “one in five women will be sexually assaulted this year unless something changes.” This new single reminds us of Gaga’s power and flexibility as an artist—without smoke machines or fancy costumes, she is able to create something just as deep, challenging, and powerful. I am looking forward to what Gaga will do next.

Image from DeVoe


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