Internet Art

Man Bartlett, a “multidisciplinary” artist in New York takes an interesting approach to art in the age of the Internet. In a previous post, I discussed the opportunities the Internet has provided for artists to make a name for themselves, but another great thing about the Internet is the opportunity it provides for the creation and melding of new artistic mediums. Bartlett has stepped outside of the realm of traditional artworks and uses the Internet, and our huge variety of social media, to create dynamic and challenging artwork. What I think is most challenging about Bartlett’s work is the way that he challenges our traditional conceptions of “artwork” and the way that this in some ways dismantles a few of the barriers that come with our traditional conceptions of art. Not only does the use of the Internet make art more accessible, appealing and approachable to the the Internet-savvy generation, but the way Bartlett blurs the “line between art and everyday life” makes art even broader and more accessible to people from all walks of life.


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