Playing For Change

In the early 2000s, Playing For Change had a beautiful idea. Founded by Mark Johnson and and Whitney Kroenke, Playing For Change began with the idea that music “has the power to break down boundaries and to overcome distances between people.” This idea sparked Songs Around the World, in which street musicians around the world come together —through the use of recording and film equipment—to sing songs and spread their messages of joy and hope. Songs Around the World reminds us that, though we all come from many different cultures—and use different words, and eat different food, and wear different clothing—we can share a common language through music. This is a powerful message, and it also makes for wonderful music.  At this point, Playing For Change has made many Songs Around the World videos, including the one above which features “musicians who have seen and overcome conflict and hatred with love and perseverance” (including Bono.) There is also this adorable video which features children from around the world.  Recently, they have formed the Playing For Change Foundation, a non-profit which works to provide music education to children in communities all around the world. Playing For Change really seems to have understood the power of music, and the community it creates, and are using this power to create community across huge distances and giant barriers.


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