Let The Academy Decide?

John Frosch has released an interesting article in The Atlantic about some of the complexities surrounding the selection of Oscar nominees. One, he argues, is a language bias and declares that there are a few phenomenal actresses who will not receive the attention they deserve this award season because they were in foreign language films. I think that Frosch raises some interesting questions about the film industry, and the kinds of acting and movies that we value as a society. Hollywood is clearly an insular community. It is home to many great artists, but also excludes many other great artists. I am reminded of earlier posts where I was grappling with another insular community in the art world–museums. I’m still not sure what the answer is. Because there are so many amazing artists that are not acknowledged by our cultural institutions, but at the same time, without any sort of barriers we would have no way of differentiating art (let alone good art) from not-art. But maybe this distinction isn’t as important as the equity of access?


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