"Disarm" - Pedro Reyes pedroreyes.net
“Disarm” – Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist who believes in the power of creativity to transform violence. In his most recent piece, “Disarm,” Reyes took weapons that were confiscated from criminals in Mexico and transformed them into musical instruments. It is sort of a continuation of his 2012 piece “Imagine”  in which he used confiscated weapons to create traditional style musical instruments. In “Disarm” however, the instruments are not easily recognizable as instruments and are played using technology instead of directly by human musicians . The Creators Project released a video last month interviewing Reyes as well as many other people who worked on the project. The process to create and play these instruments is fascinating, and this piece offers a wonderful intersection between visual art/sculpture and music/performance art. However, what is perhaps the most incredible about this piece is what it says about the power of creativity. In his Creators Project interview, Reyes claims “creo que el trabajo del arte –o sea de la creatividad–es justo como puedes convertir sus instintos mas negativos, sus instintos de muerte, en instintos de creación.” Art, he claims, is about converting our negative instincts into creative ones. I think this is a beautiful way to look at the world and to look at art. How might our world look different if we were constantly thinking of ways to change our negative instincts into creative ones?


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