Women Between Peace and War

KABUL, 2008.

This image is one of many in the powerful exhibition Women Between Peace and War. Women Between Peace and War is a collection of images of women in Afghanistan which attempts to “ensure that the voices of women and girls are not lost in the ongoing international military and political engagement in Afghanistan.” Available as a poster set with a handbook, as well as museum projections and slideshow form, images of women juxtaposed with statements from the National Action Plan for Women in Afghanistan create a beautiful and emotionally wrenching statement about the women and children who are caught in the middle of the struggle for peace. These images demand a change in the system, they demand a change in the way these women are treated, and they demand that we pay attention. This project is only one amazing example of the kind of art that Leslie Thomas’s Art Works Project attempts to create.  Art Works Projects uses photography to raise awareness and to spur social change. Thomas wants to do more than make art, she wants to reach an audience outside of a museum setting, connect with them emotionally, and get them to act. She works in the “space between art and activism” and she’s going to bring us all there with her.


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